Green Forever Pty Ltd is a new uprising company in the Passive Fire Protection industry in NSW, especially the Sydney market.
    With a strong team of capable workers lead by Mac Fan, who has more than 20 years of project site experience and a good reputation in the passive fire protection industry, Green Forever can deliver the highest standard of services required by the clients and has been growing steadily and rapidly.
   Green Forever has strong ability to offer a complete range of passive fire protection services including inspection, installation, rectification and certification, such as Fire rated structural steelworks, Fire spray, Fire seals, Smoke seals, fire dampers.
   The company provided passive fire protection services required by construction companies and project managers on major projects in Sydney. It deals with high quality security areas, data centres, hospitals, offices, and residential apartments as well as the commercial and industrical sectors of the market.
    The goal of the company is to deliver the best economical solution together with its high standards to solve client’s problems and final expectations are always exceeded. All clients are extremely satisfied with the approach and quality of the work so far and as such, the company earned its reputations in the industry and allow it growing substantially.
   At Green Forever, no job is too big or too small, our workmanship and high quality service is unparalleled; we can travel anywhere to assist our clients on any project with our professional advice of Passive fire Protection system.
   As a growing company in the industry, reputation and quality are the keys for the business more than simply maximising profit. Green Forever believes its strong capable teams can deliver the best to all the clients and achieve mutual benefit.
   To experience the difference of passive fire protection service, please feel free to contact Green Forever and satisfaction is guaranteed.