Passive Fire Protection Services:
   We are the specialist in offering a complete range services of Passive Fire Protection System and if you want to do the job correctly and perfectly, please don’t be hesitate to contact us and you will be satisfied with the choice.
   Our services includes:
   ● Fire stopping of penetrations (Fire pillows, Fire rated mastics, Fire boards)
   ● Fire Seals
   ● Fire Rating of Air handling duct work (Fire Sprays and Fire Boards and FyreWrap)
   ● Fire Rated Ceilings, Shafts and bulkheads
   ● Board Work & Smoke Seal
   ● Essential Service Penetration Inspections & Repairs;
   ● Fire Damper Inspections, Rectification and Certification
   ● Passive Certificate of Compliance
   ● Annual Fire safety inspections and Statement of Maintenance Compliance